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  • Fancy flowers at NY NOW

    We enjoyed a terrific NY NOW in February!  We think our floral displays were particularly lovely at this show.  You will notice we set a table with live orchids - a first for us!  This table served as a prototype for the table we set for the New York Botanical Garden's Orchid Dinner, but that will be discussed in a later post.  Enjoy the forsythia and tulips in these photos, and "think SPRING"!

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  • 'Flower' power: WYC makes multiple appearances in Feb issue

    We're delighted to share our latest advertisement, as seen in Flower magazine!  A couple of our items are also featured in the 'Fresh Finds' feature, entitled 'Flower Market'.


    Our ad features a Marina Goblet and DOF Tumbler in Blue, as well as a Cristabel Candlestick.  Just behind Cristabel is the lovely Azzura Pineapple in Blue, which was featured as well in our Holiday ad.  It is such a pretty table, and the white tulips have us thinking about Spring!


    In 'Flower Market', editor Kirk Reed Forrester has compiled everything one would need to write thank you notes in an inviting setting.  Our Azzura Bouquet Vase holds some dainty red and white anemones, while our Glass Magnifier enlarges a gilded frog on a piece of stationery.



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  • WYC's Anastasia makes the "Winter White" cover of Veranda

    Venerable designer and taste-maker Alex Papachristidis' dining room for the Spring 2016 Kip's Bay Show House resonated throughout the design community, both by word-of-mouth and across multiple social media channels.  In fact, it had such an impact that Veranda decided to feature it on the cover of their January/February "Winter White" issue.  Alex mixed elements from the 18-century to today in a fresh way, working with a neutral color palette punctuated with accents of gold, silver and pale purple.  The result is unique and sophisticated.


    Several pieces of William Yeoward Crystal contributed to the overall look of this chic dining room - visible in the photos in the Veranda story are Thea Carafes on the console set up as a bar, and Anastasia Small Wine and Large Wine glasses on the dining table.  Congratulations once again, Alex, on producing such a memorable room!  (Additional images: Stacey Bewkes, Quintessence blog).

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  • Pieces from WYC help create "Southern Comfort" in Veranda

    The November/December issue of Veranda features a festive interior by Tammy Connor, a talented designer who splits her time between Charleston, SC and Birmingham, AL. Tammy's office/studio in Birmingham does double-duty as a pied-a-terre.  Thus, Tammy and her staff are used to stashing away fabric and wallpaper samples, so they can break out the decorations and set up a buffet or two with lovely nibbles and cocktails.


    In this story, Tammy utilizes a traditional palette of green and red, incorporating tried-and-true classics such as magnolia garlands and paperwhites.  But she uses some unexpected items to add to the fun: tulips and roses in an orangey-red, pieces of red coral, and a bouquet of rosemary.


    Items from William Yeoward Crystal appear throughout this story, including the Harlequine Centerpiece (used cleverly as a Champagne cooler) and Roxie Pitcher on one buffet, an Inez Magnum Carafe and Amelia Decanter on another buffet adorned with a magnolia garland trailing to the floor, a Carmen Clear Lamp and Corinne Large Wine Tumblers on the dining table, and a Pippa Vase on the dessert table.  "Oh what fun" it is to be a part of this pretty and inviting setting!

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  • Helen in "High Spirits" in Elle Decor

    Our Helen Square Decanter from the Crystal Collection was selected to appear in the "Etcetera" section of the December issue of Elle Decor.  Quoting from the subtitle: "Get the festivities going with a decanter that showcases your style as elegantly as your finest wines and brandies".  We couldn't agree more.  And of course - we think decanters by William Yeoward Crystal are the most beautiful you will find!

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  • WYC Cake Stands make a "Grand Gesture" in AD

    Architectural Digest's gift guide for Holiday 2016 took the form of some opulent spreads, showcasing the idea of "more is more".  Our Portia Tall Dessert Stand from the Crystal Collection, and the Classic Cake Stand & Classic Dome from the Country Collection, were both featured in the guide, entitled "A Grand Gesture".  Make your next celebration a fantastic one, by using your favorite cake stands, jugs, honey jars, etc. to make the table sparkle!

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  • Coco Bar Tray at home in the "Urbane Jungle" in Veranda

    William Yeoward Crystal's Coco Bar Tray made an appearance in Veranda's Holiday Home Gift Guide in the November-December issue.  The Coco Bar Tray is sleek and lovely, perfect to add a touch of Art Deco glamour to your home, and a practical size for use as a bar tray for displaying glasses and/or liquor bottles, or as a vanity tray for showing off pretty perfume bottles.   A great present to "pamper your favorite city slicker", to quote Veranda.  The Holidays have come and gone, but the Coco Bar Tray would make a terrific gift for many other special occasions - a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or a housewarming, to name a few!

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  • WYC Azzura Pineapple ad in Holiday issues of Veranda & Flower

    "Oh, there's no place like home for the Holidays" is a familiar tune of this lovely Season.  How appropriate that our Azzura Pineapple ad (or "advert" as our British counterparts would say) appears in the November-December issues of both Veranda and Flower!  Pineapples have been a symbol of welcome ever since the age of explorers such as Christopher Columbus, who discovered these sweet, exotic fruits in the Caribbean and South America and brought them home with them to Europe.  They were highly perishable and rare, so to have a pineapple was a symbol of status, and to offer pineapple to your guests meant that you held them in very high esteem.  Our Azzura Pineapple is an impressive way to invite family and friends into your home, whether displayed in your foyer, or on a buffet in the dining room, it is a truly magnificent piece. Happy Holidays!

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  • Fern Coupes steal the show from the "Wall of China" in T&C

    As usual, the "Invaluable" page at the back of the November issue of Town & Country is both visually appealing and opulent, while the text expresses a clever bit of tongue-in-cheek humor.  The theme for November was appropriately about hiding from one's relatives in the butler's pantry, when tensions arrive from debates both political and familial.  There's nothing like a lovely libation to calm the nerves before bravely facing that dinner table again, especially if it is served is an exquisite, hand-cut Fern Coupe from our Crystal Collection.  There is lots of great-looking china pictured in this pantry, but we really think our coupes are the center of attention!

    With Christmas and Hanukkah on the way, there will be more opportunities this month to escape from tense dining rooms into the butler's pantry!

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