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Quite different with a wonderful spiral design. A great range for the bar or table. The tall wine/cocktail is a stunning glass. The goblet is suitable for water, wine or beer! The tumblers are great for shots and shorts! Complimented with a great Water Jug/Pitcher.

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  • Calypso Pitcher

    Calypso Pitcher

  • Calypso Cocktail / Wine Glass

    Calypso Cocktail / Wine Glass

  • Calypso Conical Cocktail

    Calypso Conical Cocktail

  • Calypso Shot Glass

    Calypso Shot Glass

  • Calypso Tumbler

    Calypso Tumbler

  • Calypso Pilsner

    Calypso Pilsner

  • Calypso Mojito

    Calypso Mojito

  • Calypso Goblet

    Calypso Goblet


8 Item(s)